Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's talk January

It's foggy, it's moist, it's darker than usual, right?

Sure it is. About the same temps here in Sac as it is in Seattle actually. Just different is we have more sun and less wind (OHHH That PNW Wind!), and I don't have to stand to wait for a bus so I feel much warmer then a Seattle January too. Although I know when the weather report here says it will be a high of 51 degrees, it will be that around lunch time. You guys in Seattle, are still waiting for the high of 51 degrees around 4 pm, and it MIGHT might not.

Anyway, January. As I said before I miss Seattle in November and December, and man, I felt it! But January 2nd, it all went away.

Now I'm super duper happy to have moved. Cuz I hated PNW weather from January 2nd, until July 4th...and even on a wet July 4th I was pretty pissed off. But by the end of February here, it is an average temp of 65, by March it's anywhere up to 75! Spring - (You remember Spring right?) Spring is WONDERFUL here. Spring is what I missed most while living in PNW.

SO I'm already planning my veggie garden and planning picnics and bike rides and whatnew dresses to buy.

I don't miss you PNW now. The sun is about to shine and everything will bloom, and in less then 6 weeks I'll be smelling that beautiful smell that fills this valley.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ways to know the Economy has recovered (part 1)

So here in my little world, I can tell you at least a few ways I know our life will be as close to "back to normal" as it can get.

Here starts my list of things that need to happen:

I have mentioned this before right? I suck at domestic duties. I'm much better at making money and bringin home bacon then cleaning the pan it frys in.

Really. I'm sure this place would be worse when I was younger - cuz I at least try to pick up. But the actual cleaning part doesn't happen. I don't think I've swept, mopped or scrubbed a dish in a good few years. Maid or no Maid. Thank goodness my husband cleans.

But this also positions us as a couple to fight about cleaning. Most articles I read on the net are about wives complaining that their husbands don't clean. Yeah, well we have a slight role reversal here.

My solution years ago to get the quarreling to stop was a maid service. And it was magic. It FORCED us to pick the house up and it was cleaned top to bottom every two weeks. HEAVEN!

And man, we need that back! So there you go. When we get back on our feet, I'm getting a maid again. It's a serious priority here.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A new kind of post

DISCLAIMER: These posts in no way mean I don't think my husband is not totally hot and the guy for me, it's just something that enters my mind, as I'm sure it does everyone's - even my husband's. I find it a natural part of life. Now we'll see how long I can keep these posts up til I feel guilty for it though :P

I've decided since this is my blog and I know you aren't really reading it - to start up a new kind of blog post I want to call "This man is sexy!"

Sometimes they'll actually be blatantly sexy. Sometimes you will want to ask me "WHY??!!"

And I'll let you know why.

This has just been something in my head. Sort of my own People Magazine cover of "Sexiest Men Alive" yearly edition. But I'll just do it when it comes to me. :)

So here you are - the first contender!


This one I might need to explain. But I can't be alone in this right??

First off, I have a thing for red heads. I like freckles and blue/green eyes. So right there he gets my vote. But here's the part that really attracts me: He's CONSTANTLY laughing. This guy is always smiling, always goofy, always laughing and having a good time. Yet responsibly. And that right now attracts me like a bee to honey. I've been missing laughing for a few years now, and Adam reminds me of me 5 or more years back. So when I watch him, I have a perma-grin on my face.

Not to mention the techie stuff is pretty hot too. So summing up: Cute, Laughing, and smart! Sign me up.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November & December

My husband would kill me to hear this.

But I miss Seattle.

Because it's November. I ALWAYS liked November & December. To me seasons should be as seasons are...and Winter SHOULD BE, dark, cold, cloudy...with warm hearty soups and a fire in the fireplace. Rain and stormy, and SNOW! I am going to really miss the Seattle snow. So is Alex.

When November hits it's all Christmas music and decorations, Thanksgiving and going to our favorite Christmas tree farm. I'm a little choked up realizing we aren't going to be there this year.

Last year I knew we were moving - and I said we HAD to wait til after December. We did. January 6th to be exact.

And I LOVE this time of year. But it's lacking right now in California, being in the 70s and sunny. While still dressed in T shirts. I can not wait til it gets colder and crappy weather. I know it exists but it's not here yet.

Anyway, Starbucks put out their Eggnog and Gingerbread lattes today. When in Seattle we would have rushed straight there in the morning...but it just doesn't feel like the holidays. I've hardly listened to any Christmas music. And I have to say it again, I am missing Seattle.


This is not a bad thing.

It's just some interesting (and some a bit worrisome, just not for me) things I noticed since The Move.

Scenario 1:
Who's on Facebook? Well I am, and what seems to be my whole graduating class from High School too. As much of the nation I've been able to connect and talk and share with many old school buddies. Some I've become quite attached to, and that I'm really liking, or knowing more than I ever did in High School.

One couple in particular, who would visit Seattle while I was still there, has just MOVED to Seattle just months after we left. This kind of makes me sad to the fact that we both have small kids and how nice it wold have been to FINALLY have another couple/family to do things with. Even more so is that they like to do the things we like to do! (geocaching anyone?) So I'm a little bummed.

But I didn't like the weather. I needed to move. And you know what? They love it. Which is good. And I just recently found out (Thanks again Facebook) that they used to live in the U.K. so that's a good sign that since they've lived in a similar climate that they will fare just fine. Not to mention they get out and do things, unlike the "locked up in the house" family I had.

So here is my wisdom and something that settles my heart when it hurts from missing Seattle:
We left Seattle and left an empty spot that is now fill with the same size family that will love it and appreciate it much more than I ever did.

I feel better now.

Scenario 2:
UH OH. This is my own personal "Uh Oh". When I moved to Seattle there was a circle of friends of Rod's that welcomed me with open arms. They always welcome everyone with open arms. I did try to stay with the group and as personable as possible - but with the majority of them I don't know if I ever really fit.

So I left, and there's a "spot" left in Seattle again.

They have a nice guy (great guy) in the group. And he's fallen in love with a special girl. I only met her once or twice, but she seemed nice, yet really quiet. She has moved to Seattle for love. Same reason I did. It took her a while because of work circumstances to get there, but she made it. Something in me felt she didn't really want to leave where she lived. Which is Georgia.

I love Georgia. I've mentioned many times that I want to retire there. All warm and toasty and historical and sunny. Did I mention sunny?

I'm worried for her. I moved from a very sunny city to Seattle and had a horrible transition that slowly drove me into a depression. Upon research on the internet, I find that around year 3, a sunny weather transplant starts to show signs of trouble. That's when you just feel "done with it". And it was true for me - I hit year three and went "LEAVE NOW!" I wanted to dry out. I was growing moss.

I'm worried for her. My "spot" was a difficult one. Luckily she doesn't have kids so the weather and the transition to get to know the place is easier, but I really want her to know the warning signs in case they happen.

I had a talk with the nice guy. And by the time year 5 hit, and we were finally moving, I was a crazy person. No one likes to hear about how much someone hates your city that you love. And the Nice Guy LOVES Seattle. Most people were tired of hearing me lament on about my depression and my tribulations and how I needed to leave. But of course none of them really made me feel as though what I was saying was important.

I was trying to convey "HEY PEOPLE, I am suicidal because of this weather...HELP!" - but no one understood the magnitude. I was just a pain in the ass.

Please Circle of Friends, watch her, protect her. I am worried about her, don't let it get bad like mine did. Mine was a "spot" I don't want filled because it came with too many hurdles and emotional needs.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Which is realty??

You know one problem I had in Seattle was the weather. My transition from one climate to another.

Before Seattle, I never had a problem with Sacramento. I never was so obsessive about weather. I mean I was because I like forecasts but not in the " praying for some sun, and watching ALL weather newscast multiple times a day" like I did in Seattle.

Anyway, I'm having a bit trouble with Autumn. It's not a complaint. It's a "I'm kind of confused." Like I don't know normal. The same fuzzy confused feeling I had for years in Seattle still is haunting me.

I love Fall, I mean who doesn't. Leaves changing, chill in the air...right? And boot season...let's just talk about how cute clothes get in the Fall! In Seattle it's too cold right now for me. It's in the low 50s as a high. Which means it's like 48 degrees all day til 5 pm when it will hit 52. TOO DAMN COLD to be 48 in October. That's why I just never went out. I closed up shop by October 1. And as a mom, or maybe you aren't a mom yet, and you don't know the HELL it is to have to bundle up your kids and have to drag them arond with you while you are cold and wet. And having to stand freezing in the cold moist air while your kid plays at a playground...oh I hated that. It's miserable.

But Sacramento has been sun shiney!! Lovely! 77 degrees everyday! It was 103 in late September (which is not a normal season) but warm warm warm. I'm very confortable. I'm still wearing shorts and t shirts. We wake up to 45 degrees but it warms up by noon. No waiting around all day for only 5 degrees! We are out and about - we are outside. Well, not much since Rod's been back, but used to be a ton.

UMMMMM, but it's Novemeber now. Ummmm, and it's STILL 75 degrees...they are predicting 80 next week. UMMMMM, I don't remember this. Was Autumn here always this warm??? I mean...I wanna wear boots, and sweaters...and have a fire in the fireplace. Ummmmm, When does Fall arrive? Now I'm loving being warm and comfy and all...but maybe if it could be like 65 and sunny???

So I can't remember what is normal...I'm loving being warm, but 75 in November doesn't feel normal. Yet I would be HATING 50 degrees in Seattle. A tempurature inbetween would be nice. Let's ALL be 65 degrees and sunny with a cool breeze and falling's that sound?

Where do we all move now to find THAT? I'll retire there after the kids grow up.

To update or not to update

I have many many times where I've wanted to blog. But you know what? It's easier to blog at work. I get a moment to myself.

I've been unemployed again since May. And the family is now fully moved to California. Not solid though. Still both unemployed. Still 75% of our stuff is either in storage or still packed.

In a really nice BIG rental house. Ann is with us, but she's bought herself a condo. She's staying with us til it's painted and fixed up (into a very Grandma looking place) - so it will be awhile. It took 5 years to get her to pick out paint for her old place.

But we are here day in and day out...starting to bounce off the walls, and pretty desperate for income. I try not to blog when unemployed incase people do that "check the internet" as a background check thing while job hunting.

Alex is in a new school. Nice school. About the same feel like where we came from. I'm missing my old life a bit and I know Rod is missing it alot. But I know once there are friends and new traditions we'll be fine. A good thing about moving is now I don't loathe life in Seattle anymore and I can truly love the memories we made, and appreciate what we did have.