Sunday, November 1, 2009

Which is realty??

You know one problem I had in Seattle was the weather. My transition from one climate to another.

Before Seattle, I never had a problem with Sacramento. I never was so obsessive about weather. I mean I was because I like forecasts but not in the " praying for some sun, and watching ALL weather newscast multiple times a day" like I did in Seattle.

Anyway, I'm having a bit trouble with Autumn. It's not a complaint. It's a "I'm kind of confused." Like I don't know normal. The same fuzzy confused feeling I had for years in Seattle still is haunting me.

I love Fall, I mean who doesn't. Leaves changing, chill in the air...right? And boot season...let's just talk about how cute clothes get in the Fall! In Seattle it's too cold right now for me. It's in the low 50s as a high. Which means it's like 48 degrees all day til 5 pm when it will hit 52. TOO DAMN COLD to be 48 in October. That's why I just never went out. I closed up shop by October 1. And as a mom, or maybe you aren't a mom yet, and you don't know the HELL it is to have to bundle up your kids and have to drag them arond with you while you are cold and wet. And having to stand freezing in the cold moist air while your kid plays at a playground...oh I hated that. It's miserable.

But Sacramento has been sun shiney!! Lovely! 77 degrees everyday! It was 103 in late September (which is not a normal season) but warm warm warm. I'm very confortable. I'm still wearing shorts and t shirts. We wake up to 45 degrees but it warms up by noon. No waiting around all day for only 5 degrees! We are out and about - we are outside. Well, not much since Rod's been back, but used to be a ton.

UMMMMM, but it's Novemeber now. Ummmm, and it's STILL 75 degrees...they are predicting 80 next week. UMMMMM, I don't remember this. Was Autumn here always this warm??? I mean...I wanna wear boots, and sweaters...and have a fire in the fireplace. Ummmmm, When does Fall arrive? Now I'm loving being warm and comfy and all...but maybe if it could be like 65 and sunny???

So I can't remember what is normal...I'm loving being warm, but 75 in November doesn't feel normal. Yet I would be HATING 50 degrees in Seattle. A tempurature inbetween would be nice. Let's ALL be 65 degrees and sunny with a cool breeze and falling's that sound?

Where do we all move now to find THAT? I'll retire there after the kids grow up.

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austinfamily said...

I want to live there, too! Let me know when you find it.